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Writing Wednesday

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday, a kind of regular post about what I’m up to writing-wise!

~ What I’m Writing ~

I just finished a major round of edits on a project, so while I’m waiting for the next step to begin (see below), I’m working on the synopsis and query. The query is in its middle stages, and I just finished the first draft of the synopsis a couple of days ago. These bits are so hard to write, so I’m doing my best to take my time with them!

~ What I’m Editing ~

I finished my last on-screen edits for my current major project! Now I’ve got some time before I can print the story and edit the hard-copy. That’s always an exciting step, but I’m keeping myself busy so I don’t rush into it.

~ What I’m Researching ~

So, me and my husband were bouncing ideas off one another, as we often do, and we got on the subject of a local ghost legend. The 100th anniversary of the legend is in a few years, and it seemed like an irresistible idea to consider writing a story about the legend itself. I started looking into it, and…discovered there is very little information to be found. The stories are vague, and one researcher claims it’s probably a complete myth. Which is an obvious disappointment.

However, it’s not so simple as that. The story involves a man and a woman, and everyone agrees on who the man was (a real figure in the city’s history). But people only give one name for the woman, and it’s proving very difficult to figure out who she *could* have been, if she ever existed at all (and if the name given was actually her name in the first place).

I’m having a lot of fun digging through old records, including pouring over handwritten census records from the early 1900s. And I’ve discovered a girl with the correct first name, who lived next door to the man in question just a few years before events transpired. Her age and her occupation more or less fit the story, and now…I can’t find any other information about her! No death records, no marriage records, no other census reports that would suggest she was still living in the city. It’s beyond frustrating to see how spotty old records are, but it’s a lot of fun, too. At this point, I’m honestly less interested in the legend than I am in just finding out what happened to this poor woman who’s been seemingly lost to time. I’ll keep you updated on my findings!

~ What I’m Planning ~

So I’m probably not going to be able to write the original story I was planning based on the local legend listed above. But this researching is creating other ideas in my head. I haven’t settled on one yet, but I’m looking forward to exploring more options as I continue to dig into this mysterious woman’s history.

That’s the recap for this week. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to in your writing lately!

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