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Writing Wednesday

Welcome to Writing Wednesday, a kind of regular post about what I’m up to writing-wise!

~ What I’m Writing ~

I’m nearing the end of a major manuscript revision, which is pretty exciting. This is the story where I’m changing POV and upping the whole thing from MG to YA (which also means adding more length). I have one new chapter left to write, and three more to edit, before the revision is complete. I think, after it’s done, I’ll still want to add about 5,000 more words overall, but that’s doable in the editing stages!

~ What I’m Editing ~

I’m doing a read-through of a different YA project right now, just trying to decide if it’s something I want to start working on again or not. I’ve been reading about a chapter a day, making some light edits as I go along while taking notes on the bigger things to be addressed if I do go full-force into edits with it.

~ What I’m Researching ~

Lavender Festivals and old cemeteries, =). They kind of sound like opposite topics, but really, they’re both beautiful things to look at!

~ What I’m Planning ~

I’m starting to think of writing a revised synopsis for the revision I’m about to complete. I’m definitely not a fan of synopsis writing, so if I start early and tweak later, it’ll probably keep me from going totally insane!

That’s the recap for this week. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to in your writing lately!

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  • Deshipley

    I've been working pretty exclusively with line edits and proofreading, these last several weeks — both for my final Wilderhark Tale, and for a couple of fellow writers' projects.

    Good look with the synopsis revision, in particular! They (and blurbs) can be tricky little devils to nail down. X)

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