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11 Questions

I was lucky enough to be tagged by the lovely Tonja Drecker in the 11 Questions meme!  Below, I tell you 11 random things about me, and answer 11 random questions I was given.  Then, I tag some more people for the game, and pose my own questions!

11 things about me:

~ I hate crowds, which may have come from a time when I was little.  I was trying to feed some deer at an amusement park, and about fifty of them enveloped me, getting all aggressive to get the food I had.

~When I was in university, I won a scholarship from Kraft Dinner.  I had to say why I needed the money they were offering.  I made a castle out of KD, and wrote a fairy-tale about having to beat an evil debt monster.

~My favourite book is Peter Pan and Wendy.  It is dark and adventurous, and it just makes me happy.  My favourite character?  John.

~My husband and I met in high school.  We lived pretty much across the street, and could see each other from our bedroom windows (just like in A Nightmare on Elm Street).  For Christmas, my mom bought me walkie-talkies for us as a joke.  We totally used them.  ALL THE TIME.

~It’s well-known that I love Alan Rickman.  My favourite film of his (also my favourite film of all time) is Dark Harbor.  Why do I love this movie so much?  Because the entire time I watched it for the first time, I thought “wow, the acting is really bad in this film.  Geez, Rickman, you’re better than this.”  Then I got to the end of the movie, and I discovered…the acting hadn’t been bad *at all*.  It had actually been wonderful, but that took a second (third, fourth, twenty-ninth) viewing to appreciate.

~When I was four, my family lived in New Zealand for a year.  I don’t remember much, except for our house, which was really old and full of spiders.  It did, however, look onto the ocean, and there was a volcano right off the shore.  So really, I wish I remember a lot more about it.

~My first car was named Christine.  When we tried to get rid of her, her tires seized up so that we couldn’t get her out of the driveway, and after an hour of work just to get her rolling, her seatbelts wouldn’t come undone when we got to the dealership.  I think we named her well…

~I play the online game Neopets.  I have for over ten years.

~When I was 11 or 12, I went to band camp.  For four days, I ate nothing but pizza and drank nothing but pop.  We slept in a college dorm, and it was enough to turn me off of dorms forever.  When I went to university, I got an off-campus apartment without ever living in residence.

~ I have never eaten SPAM.

~I HATE when people tell me to smile more.  Telling me to smile only makes me want to smile MUCH LESS.

Now for the 11 questions I was asked:

What’s your writing environment? (music, coffee, aroma candles…)
    When I was in the 9th grade, my English teacher was P.C. Cast (of House of Night fame) …she always talked about writing, and she had these specially scented candles that she always wrote to.  I LOVED that.  I went out and picked out my own scented candle (which I still have), and used it probably about…twice.  Turns out, I suck at having an “environment” for writing.  I literally write anywhere, in pretty much any situation.  My brain doesn’t seem to be picky!

How many books have you bought since January?
    I have purchased seven books since January.  Though if I had the money…well, I probably shouldn’t think of that, it might make me hypothetically broke!

How many have you read since then?
    I have read (not including audio books), 23 books since January.  I think I’ve settled on a goal of 50 books this year!

What’s your ideal vacation?
    The English seaside.  I love the ocean, and hope to live by it someday.  I also love England.  So, it’s kind of a natural fit!  It would be wonderful to stay in a cottage, and spend the vacation at the beach, and in the cottage garden writing and reading.  With tea.  And chocolate.


What was the craziest thing you ever did?
    Hmm.  I haven’t really done many crazy things in my life…which makes me both kind of happy, and kind of sad!  When I was a preteen, I ran through a neighbourhood in my underwear on a dare.  Haha, I’m sure I’ve done a few other crazy things…I just can’t think of them right now! 

Did you read a lot as a child?
    Yes.  I have never slept well, and when I was small, I remember waking up late at night and turning on my light and pulling out Sesame Street books to read until I fell asleep again.  A little later, I became addicted to the Babysitter Little Sister books!  Then I moved onto Fear Street, and as I became a teenager, I moved right into Stephen King.  I never really read any of the classics, but I did read a lot.  Now I’m catching up on the classics instead, =)

What’s you biggest ‘handicap’ when writing?
    I don’t like writing conversations.  Which is probably because I’m not a big conversation person in real life.  I often have characters on their own in my stories, but I’m working on improving my conversation skills in my writing.  My problem comes in the “he said” “she replied” “they agreed”, etc. etc.  When I read someone else’s story, conversation is the first thing I usually notice, and I often find it clunky, even in published works.  It just gives me trouble all around!

How do you get over those bouts of author blues?
    I usually cry for awhile.  It always helps me to just let it out, and when I’ve finished crying, things always look a little better.  It also helps to be a part of a writing community.  Knowing others that share the same highs and lows as I do is soo helpful when I get down.

What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
    The Cabin in the Woods. 

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal or something similar as a small child?
     I can remember two.  One was a pink rabbit, which was the first stuffed toy I ever had.  I had it until I was about seven, and then I left it in a hotel while on vacation.  I’m still upset about it…

The other was a stuffed cat that was actually my sister’s before it was mine.  Its dingy and its fur is ripped, but I still have it now, and I still love it!

How would/did you celebrate your first writing success?
    My plan is to do one of two things (or possibly both).  I’ve always wanted to have a proper afternoon tea, but have never had the opportunity to do so.  There is a local place which is supposedly very good, but it’s also very expensive.  I figure, a big success deserves a big treat!

Also, if my success comes in the form of signing with an agent, my first act will be to get a professional author photo.  I would love to have one of those, =)

Now, it’s my turn!  My lucky tags are: Alythia Brown, Bethany Myers, Carey Torgesen

These are my questions.

1. Would you rather vacation to Europe, the Caribbean, or Africa?
2. What do you think is the worst thing you’ve ever written?
3. If you could have lunch with one literary character, who would it be?
4. If you had to eat only foods that started with a certain letter of the alphabet, which letter would you choose?
5. What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
6. Have you ever laughed out loud and/or cried while reading a book?
7. If you were participating in the Olympics, what event would you be a part of?
8. What genre do you write in?
9. Is there a genre you don’t write in, but wish you did?
10. What is your favourite colour?
11. What has been your biggest writing inspiration?


  • David List

    I felt the need to comment on here because of what you said about the book Peter Pan and Wendy. There's a movie called 'Finding Neverland'. In it Johnny Depp plays as J.M. Barrie (playwright responsible for Peter Pan) and he keeps a journal in his pocket at all times. Throughout the movie it shows, from his point of view, normal situations in crazy imaginative ways. They inspire him and he writes them all down. I, too, keep a notepad/journal and when I saw this movie I realized that I had this in common with the guy responsible for the world of Peter Pan. It was shortly thereafter that I decided to do something with my ideas and I started writing a novel.

  • Mere Joyce

    Yes, I own Finding Neverland, and love watching/reading about the inspiration for Peter Pan. That's so cool that it propelled you to take your ideas and start writing…inspiration is the best way to start something like this!

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