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2014 Year End Wrap-Up

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2014 is almost over!

I always like to do a wrap-up of the year, just to remember and see what my trends were. And 2014 was certainly an important year. In fact, it has been the most significant year of my life, all things told.


– Found out I was pregnant in January
– Bought my first house in February
– Had to put down my beloved cat of almost 17 years in March
– Had my first short story published in June
– Lost an uncle in August
– Had my second short story published in September
– Had my first baby in September!

Plus, all the little extras that make up any year (bats in the house, root canal, some huge changes at work, making it into/getting requests from a writing contest, etc.)

It’s been an eventful one!

Obviously, the highlight of this year was having my baby boy. But getting stories published and buying my first house were definitely big (good) moments as well!

Book-wise, I actually can’t remember everything I read this year, as I stopped keeping track. But the most memorable reads were The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (after we found out we were having a boy…if we had had a girl I would have read Little Women!), Matilda, and Jim Henson: The Biography.

Writing-wise, aside from the Amok! and Hauntings anthologies, my biggest moments were finishing the first-round edits on the manuscript that’s taking me absolutely forever to work through, writing a new story that I haven’t gone back to yet, but which I think may be something special, and finding new inspiration for my favourite old idea.

So what about you? What were your big achievements/biggest moments of 2014? Was it a good year? Are you glad it’s over?


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