A is for Amanita

The April A to Z Challenge has begun!

And I’m kicking it off with A is for Amanita.

So, my theme for this year is writing. (How original, eh?) And I actually had a different topic planned for A, but due to circumstances beyond my control, that topic had to be delayed. So, I’m choosing Amanita instead.

If you don’t know, Amanita is a genus of mushroom, and some of the mushrooms in this classification are extremely poisonous.

Amanita Muscaria. Photo from Wikipedia.

In one of the stories I am working on, mushrooms play a significant role, and I have had a lot of fun researching them. It’s a topic I never thought of much before, but once I dove into it, I found myself in a new, fascinating world. It’s one of the things that I love about writing. You can learn so much even when you didn’t intend to. Sometimes, even something as simple as trying to correctly spell or correctly describe a piece of scenery or clothing can turn into the most intriguing lesson.

What interesting things have you learned (whether you intended to or not) through the process of writing?   

14 Responses so far.

  1. Wow that is some mushroom! I would never be tempted to eat it because it just looks poisonous lol.
  2. Brandon Ax says:
    I always thought mushrooms were awesome. I agree as a writer we get to delve into many topics and enjoy know a lot about a wide array of things.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  3. Nicole says:
    That's really cool! I love researching for novels and diving into fun facts like that. Who knew? Stopping by from the A to Z. 🙂
  4. Sarah Chafin says:
    Gorgeous mushroom! I'm researching fist fights right now lol.
  5. Nana Prah says:
    I bet if someone told you a few years ago you'd know a whole lot about mushrooms, you'd as them which one they were on. Lol.
    Nana Prah
  6. cleemckenzie says:
    When I hike, I often see brilliant red and yellow mushrooms. I know they're deadly,but they are so beautiful. Great theme.
  7. Sharon Himsl says:
    Good to know, Joyce. DON'T eat the red ones, but aren't they beautiful? I have never heard of this mushroom. Shells–Tales–Sails
  8. Learning new things is always fun, and I love that writing frequently requires that we do so. I also love the look of those mushrooms. Those are the kind that make me think it's where faeries and toads hang out, having tea. 😉
  9. S.K. Anthony says:
    That's a pretty mushroom…too bad its poisonous lol I always think its fascinating how much we learn for our writing, really cool post 😉
  10. Deshipley says:
    My writing process is continually interspersed with quickie internet searches to fact-check any number of things — from what tigers hunt, to what you call the place where church choirs sit, to how to say "good afternoon" in French… (Yes, all of these searches took place today.) So long as my WiFi doesn't cut out on me, I don't mind!
  11. Greetings from a fellow Ontarian! Nice mushroom.

    One thing I've learned from writing is how the senior management of restaurants work. That was for my novel idea 'Alien Kitchen Scale', which has kinda fizzled, but I'm sure I'll put what I've learned to use somewhere.

    Oh, and about carving sculptures from delicate, fragile stones!

  12. J E Oneil says:
    Happy A-to-Z Challenge to you.

    Mushrooms are so weird. They're a fungus, but we eat them, and some of them will kill you just by looking at them. I'd love to see how you use those amanita in your story.

  13. sardyhar says:
    Getting to use creative writing as an excuse to research foreign subjects is such an occupational perk! I recently wrote a poem about dew which got me digging into some of the science behind the phenomenon.
  14. dailyshorts says:
    There are so many pretty mushrooms out there and usually the pretty ones are the poisonous ones. I have learned a lot through writing. Playing with form, tone, point of view, and my writing voice is developing more.