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A is for Apocalyptic Zombies

So, I jumped on this pretty late, but oh well. I’m going to have a go at doing the A-Z challenge this month, blogging about something from each letter of the alphabet everyday!
Last night was the season finale of The Walking Dead, and normally I don’t talk about t.v. shows as they are happening, but this is such a huge cultural show that I thought I may as well mention it.

Anyone else watch this show? I don’t really like zombie things, and I am usually more frustrated with this show than anything else. And yet, I keep watching it! (What can I say, it’s got Norman Reedus…and he was in my favourite film long before TWD began!)

The season finale was pretty boring to me, except that the Governor went super-crazy. I, like many others, sat breathless throughout the entire thing after seeing Norman Reedus was a guest on Talking Dead! I was quite concerned for Daryl’s safety. I am also sad for Milton…I really wanted to see more of him.

But while I thought the episode was lackluster, afterwards I began to appreciate the different concept the writers took on with this episode. We were waiting for a big showdown, and it was a letdown that the showdown did not come. But it was also unexpected and a shift towards a new direction, which got me thinking.

Sometimes in writing it’s annoying to have endings that don’t amount to anything. But sometimes it’s the mark of a great writer to twist things about and jostle the reader onto a new track of ride altogether. While I’m not sure if I feel satisfied by the ending of TWD, I am impressed with the decision to shake things up, and I am intrigued by the possibilities of what is to come. Perhaps if I got the showdown I wanted, I wouldn’t be eager for more?


  • KatkaTravels

    LOL! This season finale had a lot of mixed reviews I think. My boyfriend watches it religiously and sometimes I pop in, I think it's a pretty decent show considering how some people make zombies almost cartoonish. Fun stuff!

    Check out my A-to-Z challenge blog too!

  • Karen Tamara

    I felt the exact same way. It was like the whole season was a build up for this huge showdown between Rick and the Governor and then we got…that…

    But then I started thinking maybe I just needed to let it sink in a little. It was interesting where they went with it. But, having said that, the episode had one GIANT flaw. As much as I LOVE the show, I'm having a super hard time overlooking it.

    SPOILER ALERT–for anyone browsing the comments, stop reading if you haven't seen the finale!

    I thought the two guys (I forget their names) who stuck with the Governor after he went batshit crazy and mowed everyone down was totally unrealistic. At once point, the Gov had his back turned. They could've easily shot him.

    Neither of them seemed like bad guys. Loyal to the wrong person. Confused. Mislead. But not necessarily evil. I cannot IMAGINE that they would both stay with him after he murdered all those people. It didn't make any sense to me.

    I was completely able to buy into it and, as such, it pretty much ruined the episode for me. No matter what else they do now, it doesn't make sense. I mean…they'd have to be as crazy as him. And I have a hard time buying three people turning into raving lunatics. What do you think????

  • Mere Joyce

    I agree completely! I spent the whole scene saying out loud "Okay, his back is turned…shoot him!" "Okay, he's sitting in the truck unarmed…shoot him!"

    Also, Andrea took way too long getting those pliers. And how many zombies has she killed with a knife? She couldn't stab Milton through the eye with the pliers?


    For those that don't watch the show…it's interesting. Definitely less zombies now than there were earlier in the series. Now it is more about the human condition in a post-societal world.

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