B is for Brainstorming

B is for Brainstorming!

Where/When do you do your best brainstorming? In the shower? Outside? In the middle of the night?

I don’t have any one place or time that tends to work best for me, but I have noticed that, annoyingly, I do tend to get bursts of great brainstorming and occasionally some pure inspiration as well, when I’m not able to actually write anything.

I think this may be because when I am away from my writing, I want to be writing, and my mind tends to wander towards it. Thus, it starts thinking through characters, plots, etc. Also, when I’m not staring at words on a screen and a blinking cursor, I’m actually viewing other things in life, which can often be the best way to get a new idea or to even sometimes get the motivation to work through a tough spot in a story.

I do try to keep my notebook with me wherever I go, so that when these bursts happen I can at least make notes about it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always seem to happen, so I have to trust my brain to keep everything in until I can let it seep out onto the page!

How do you handle brainstorming?

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  1. Brandon Ax says:
    I am a notorious brainstomer. I tend to pace. I actually think most of my time on a book is spent brainstorming, the actual writing part is much smaller.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  2. I like to let the ideas come to me. Usually when I'm doing dishes. Awesome theme for the challenge! 🙂
  3. Bob Sanchez says:
    Greetings, A-Z Challenger! Ideas come to me at all odd moments of the day. I sometimes write them down on a notepad app on my phone.
  4. sardyhar says:
    When I'm out walking or running is when the best ideas come to me. I think the extra oxygen does wonders for the mental muscles. I nearly always have my smart phone handy, so when pen and paper won't avail, I just jot (tap?) the ideas down into a note app.
  5. Deshipley says:
    Ideas like to find me when I'm at the sink, brushing my teeth…approximately 40 seconds after I left my workspace, naturally. (Well, now ya gotta wait, brain o' mine; I'm covered in toothpaste.)
  6. S.K. Anthony says:
    Goodness, I'm always inspired when I'm unable to write as well. I always have notepads with me, in case the battery on my cell dies and I can't make my notes there. Heck, I've even emailed ideas to myself lol So, in short, my brainstorming has a life of its own, I cannot tame it.