Back to the Drawing Board

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve worked on your story, have crafted it just how you want it to be. And then, suddenly, you discover that somewhere out there in the world, there is another project that shares something very similar to yours. Not the same story line (necessarily), but a character name, a place, a backstory, a title…while you know your project is completely different, you also become aware that since this other thing is already out in the world, you have to make changes to your own work, because different or not this singular similarity is just too great to ignore!

This just happened to me. It’s a little thing, and from a project that’s quite different from my own work. But nevertheless, the thing (which happens to be the name of a group) is quite similar to the name of a totally different group within a totally different story. But because they share quite a ridiculous similarity, I know I now have to rethink my name, which will in turn cause some laborious changing throughout my entire story.

Bah! Great minds think alike, I suppose, but it’s still a frustrating experience to have, for sure. And I’m curious to know if anything like this has ever happened to you?

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