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Blank Canvas Launch Party Day 5 – Inside the Mind of a Painter

It’s day five of the Blank Canvas Launch Party!

The main character of Blank Canvas is a painter. Maddie once loved to paint, and now she’s afraid of it. But painting is still her life, whether she wants it to be or not.

I, on the other hand, am not a painter. Like, at all. Like, I can barely even draw stick figures.

But, while I was working on this story, my husband bought me a blank canvas of my own, complete with some paints so I could try my hand at the craft!

This is embarrassing to show, but I’m going to do it anyways, because although I already knew I couldn’t paint nearly so well as Maddie, actually using similar tools as she does helped me to really feel what it’s like to bring brush to canvas, and attempt to make a work of art.

Let me tell you, it gave me renewed respect for that talented girl!

Here is what I attempted to paint. Maddie usually paints portraits, but I wasn’t about to attempt something like that, so I went with a landscape instead.


Beautiful, isn’t it? (Not!) Okay, so clearly my distant sandy hills didn’t work out. And neither did my wood shack of a house looking over the sea. I was actually happy with how my sky turned out, though. It was a lot of fun mixing the paints on the palette to try and get the perfect shade, and I like how different colours came through with each pull of the brush.

Okay, so clearly I didn’t have any hidden painting talents waiting to be unleashed. All in all, I spent about fifteen minutes on this piece, and…that was enough! I really appreciate how talented painters can be, and I can see how this could be a calming way to spend a creative afternoon. But for me, I think I’ll stick to writing instead.

Are you a painter? Ever tried it? Ever think you’d like to give it a go? Let me know!

Stay tuned for day six of the Blank Canvas Launch Party tomorrow, and if you haven’t already, enter the giveaway for a signed print copy of Blank Canvas below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There will be 2 prizes of 1 signed copy of the upcoming print version of Blank Canvas. This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) only, and will run from Sunday, June 21 12:00 AM through Saturday, June 27th 11:59 PM Eastern time. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Everyone is allowed one free entry into the giveaway draw. Additional entries can be earned by commenting on the blog during each day of the party (1 entry per day). Two winners will be randomly selected and notified within 7 days of the giveaway ending. Mere Joyce will ship the two winners a signed print copy of Blank Canvas once the print version has been released (Please note this may take several weeks.) Winners will be notified when the book has shipped.

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  • Deshipley

    That middle strip of sky is my favorite. ^o^

    I took a watercolor course in college, for funzies. Wouldn't say I created any masterpieces, but some of the paintings still please me well enough, and it was one of the more relaxing artistic challenges I've undertaken. …maybe in part because somebody liked to play Enya CDs during class. X)

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