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Blogging, and A New Project

As previously mentioned, I recently took over the teen blog for my library system.  I love it, but I’ve noticed that I am always thinking about what my next blog post will be.  I want variety, and I want quality posts, but I also want to make sure my posts are going to appeal to the teen readers.  Plus, I want them to reflect what’s going on in the library.  I post once a week, and I always plan out my post before I actually post it.  It’s a pretty organized system, and I think it’s working pretty well!

Now, look at my personal blog.  I’ve kept this blog up for over a year now.  I’ve been pretty consistent with what my posts are about (usually book reviews), and I usually type out what I’m going to say before I post it, but aside from that…my personal blog fails massively compared to my work one!

Why is that?  The pressure of wanting to do my job well, I suppose.  I would love to have an awesome blog, but a lot of the time, I have no idea what to talk about!  It’s easier in the library…books, events, and other YA news.  Nice and simple.  But on here, I talk about the books I’ve read, my job, and I’m really trying to talk more about my writing and querying and all that good stuff…it’s difficult to always come up with good post ideas, though, and to actually get them written (when I could be reading, writing, getting outside and seeing that thing called The Sun…)

Anyways, I am currently really focusing on a new writing project right now.  It’s a YA fantasy, and I’m really excited about it, although it’s not coming too easily for me.  I know what I want to say, but I have yet to have one of those awesome writing spurts with it…every part takes a while for me to push through, and I can’t wait until I finish round one and get to go back over and begin to edit, because I think that’s when the story is really going to take shape!

So, that’s all for now…a little speculation, and a very tiny update.


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