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Just got home from a couple days of camping! It was fun, although there was a fire ban on the entire time, which means we couldn’t have any fire of any kind (which kind of puts a damper on camping). Nevertheless, we did a lot of walking, did a bit of canoeing, and had some time to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, our dog got to spend full days outside with two other dogs, so he was in paradise!
Okay, I am terrible at taking pictures…
but I did snap a few nice scenery shots of the beautiful lake!

Camping doesn’t inspireme to write, but it always makes me crave a good writing session. I’m currently working on some fairly major revisions on the manuscript I was querying (you always think it’s done until you send it out to the world. Then the ideas begin creeping back into your mind again!), so now I’ve got a few days off from work to rest up, run errands, read my book, and write.
Welcome to August everyone!


  • David List

    I get totally inspired by being outdoors… Even the pictures you've posted make me yearn for some forestiness.
    Good luck with your revisions. I'm right there with you.
    (Except I haven't queried my draft at all yet…)

  • Mere Joyce

    I know…it's such a natural state of being, I guess.

    Good luck with your own revisions! It's better to get them done before querying, though…I've already submitted to so many agents that I can't query to once I've revised! Ugh. Hopefully you have good success with finishing your manuscript first, and then having awesome results with the querying

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