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I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to read. I listened and read a few different things, but none of them really hit that satisfactory spot, though I didn’t exactly know why. I was obviously craving something, but I just didn’t know what it was.

So, eventually I decided to just give up on trying to find a completely new read, and instead I started on the next Chronicles of Narnia book (I’ve been very slowly working my way through this series for a few years now). It was just what I needed! Easy to read, in a cozy setting with familiar characters and writing that I had encountered before. Turns out, all I needed was some comfort reading, and now that I’ve finished it, I’m re-energized and looking forward to few upcoming reads I have on my list!

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But I’ve also been struggling with focusing on my writing, too. What with the house and everything, I’ve been a bit distracted, and while I’ve got several writing projects in various stages at the moment, I just could not settle on one and fall into the world of it. So, I decided to try and take what I’d discovered from my recent reading, and put it into practice with my writing, too. And you know what? It worked!
I went back to my favourite project. This is the one that I’ve worked on many times (though I am quite certain each time I’ve been improving it, not overworking it) and I just love it. The world, the story, and especially the characters. That’s not to say I don’t like the worlds of my other stories or anything, but there is something special to me about this one project, and going back to it again (it’s been awhile) is definitely like delving into that old familiar world like you can do with a cherished book.
Now I’ve got my focus back. I’m working through this project, thinking hard about the things I don’t like, taking note of the things I do, sinking into the world and considering what I can use from the process of writing this story on my other works. It’s a delight. It’s comfort writing!
I think a lot of people know what comfort reading is all about. But do you ever experience comfort writing? Have a favourite project you like to revisit, or a type of story you find particularly fun to dabble with?

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  • Deshipley

    This is exactly what I'm doing now! With all the energy I've poured into publication lately, I've gone months uncertain about what I want to write next, no new projects latching onto me as I'd like. But these last few days, I felt inspired to go back to the beginning of my favorite series and work on improving the manuscript, and it's been /glorious/. I love, love, love, this world, this story, and the people in it, and it feels so good to work with them again. This is my happiest of happy places. ^.^

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