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Compulsive Writing

Do you have a compulsion to write?

I love writing. Which sounds really dumb coming from a writer’s blog. But I don’t just mean writing stories (which, of course, I absolutely love to do!)

I mean, just, writing. I love to write. It’s kind of ridiculous, actually. I’ve noticed that I’m happiest at work when I get to do a lot of writing. But this doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily important writing. When I’m answering a bunch of emails, writing up an informal report, or making a little few paragraph blurb for something on our website. I love it!

More than anything, it’s just the process of actually writing that I enjoy so much. I think typing on a keyboard is fun, and sometimes in those space-between moments, when you’re trying to determine what project to work on next, I will actually find myself just typing nonsense on the computer, just to be writing until I’ve landed on a specific task.

But it’s not just typing. I love actually writing, too. I have an online calendar at work, but I also keep a paper one to write notes in. I have a notebook that sits in front of my computer all the time, in which I am constantly writing notes, to-do lists, thoughts on projects, etc. I have a smaller notepad for other kinds of notes (cause sometimes I want to switch up my paper?) And I have a journal and a small notepad for my own non-work related notes or scribblings that strike me throughout the day.

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I love journals. I see them, and I want to have them all! But I also love pads of paper. Seriously, plain lined notepads are beautiful things to me. And when I see them, I just really, really want to write. It’s an automatic reaction, and it’s honest and truly an urge, a total desire.

So what about you? Are you a compulsive writer of all things, or do you only write when it’s story-time (or if you’re not a writer, do you ever really write at all?) Am I totally alone here, or are there other notepad junkies out there, too?

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