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Countdown to NaNoWriMo!

Only a couple of day left until NaNoWriMo begins!

I was feeling a bit of dread about this starting, because I just couldn’t quite get a decent idea going. I mean, I had a story idea, and a general outline, but it wasn’t making me nearly excited enough. I kind of had the setting and some of the characters firmly in my mind, but the rest of the story was up in the air, and the direction I was thinking of just didn’t seem all that interesting.

So I decided to give up trying to write something “good”, and just write something totally for fun, as writing practice. I took the setting and the characters, and gave them a totally new plot, in a completely new genre. And suddenly, the imagining came far easier. I flew through writing a quick description of the story, and the ideas began to bubble in my head. I still didn’t see this as a remarkable story, but it would be fun to write.

Something resembling one piece of the setting for my idea…mainly, I like the atmosphere it gives off!
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And of course, now, the plot has begun to deepen and twist into something fun, but also something that will be, for me, “good”. Which is wonderful.

Inspiration sparks in many different ways. This time, it came from me giving up the thought of writing for anything but personal fun. Now I’m really looking forward to NaNoWriMo beginning, so I can get going on this tale!

How are the preparations coming for my fellow NaNoWriMo participants?


  • T. Drecker

    *hugs* Thanks. I needed to hear this. I know from the past that MSs turn out much better when one just attacks the pages with that attitude, but sometimes I forget. I think you just rescued my current story :0)

  • Mere Joyce

    *hugs and hot chocolate in return* It's difficult to remember that sometimes, isn't it? We get so wrapped up in making a story "good" or "marketable", we forget the reason we write in the first place!

    I hope your story is lots of fun and I'm sure it will be a great story on top of it all =)

  • Susan Francino

    Good for you for taking a step back. I've often found that the relaxed approach really helps with creativity…which is great since I'm pretty much the least relaxed person on the planet. :/

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