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Craft Time!

So, I am not a crafty person. But I’ve always wanted to be. See, I’ve got other crafty people in my family.

My mom sews. She always has, making everything from dresses to costumes, bedding and hems on clothes. She even made my wedding dress for me!

My wedding dress, made for me by my mummy! 
(P.S. I totally have my wedding dress on a form. 
Even though it’s been over a year since my wedding. 
My husband hates it…freaks him out every time he enters the room!)

My brother works with wood. He loves building furniture, and he’s amazing at it. On my sixteenth birthday, he made me my very own hope chest.

The hope chest my brother made for me. 
Across the front, he copied two of the poems I wrote in my teens. 
My favourite part is the M, =)

Even my mother-in-law knits. She’s always making scarves and sweaters, and other knitty things.

Just one of the many examples of things my mother-in-law has knitted.
I love this scarf…it’s a collection of shades from my favourite colour, and it’s so soft!

I like music, and I write. I suppose those are my contributions to the creativeness in me. I have always thought of myself, and have been known, as a creative person. But in terms of crafts and/or art (like painting), I’ve got nothing. I’m convinced that painting and drawing will never be something I can do, because I just don’t visualize things in the same way as those kinds of artists. But I am determined to become crafty!

I see authors doing cool things for promotions all the time. And when I saw that author Jodi Meadows knitted the same kind of mitts her character wears in her book, I thought it was awesome. So, I’ve decided to try my hand at sewing. I am going to attempt to sew myself a simple doll, which is related to my current WIP =D

Sewing supplies!

We’ll see how this goes. I promise nothing!! But I’m going to give it a go!

Have you ever been inspired by your writing or someone else’s, to the point of trying something completely out of your expertise and/or comfort?


  • Tamara

    I LOVE the idea of tying crafts in with your book or even other people's books. I take most of my creativity out on my writing, but I try to make time for other things. I don't have any actual talents like drawing or painting, but I have an eye for visualizing things. And I'm good with clay. I plan on posting some stuff I make on my blog and I'll keep an eye out to see how your doll is coming. Good luck with it!

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