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Don’t judge a commercial by its good spiritness

So, I used to think this commercial was cute, but totally unrealistic.  I mean, who would just bake something and then distribute it all over town?

But then the other day, a girl and her mother baked homemade cookies, and brought some into the library for us. =)

Yay for the wonderfulness of community!  I instantly thought of this commercial when that happened, and it definitely made my night.  I judged too quickly, obviously!

In other news, I am still editing.  Found areas of my manuscript that need serious revision, and by serious revision I mean completely writing whole chapters, bleh.  But then later in the manuscript I realized I was good for just editing and not majorly rewriting, so that was nice.

And in the meantime, I’ve learned not to judge against commercials.  Now if only I could see this one in action!


  • Alythia

    Lol!! I love random cookie drop offs…

    It's good that you can see the parts of your ms that need the revising, though. Otherwise you'd never get anywhere in the editing process! Do you have any excerpts to share with us yet? 🙂

  • Mere Joyce

    Cookie drop offs are lovely! We get all sorts of goodies at the library. So far this year, that has included chocolate from England, and Turkish Delights from Turkey!

    It seems inevitable that I have major rewrites to do on all my stories, but when I started editing this WIP, I thought I was going to have to rewrite much more than I have to. So that was nice, =) No excerpts yet…but I will think on that!

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