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E is for Essomenic

E is for Essomenic!

Last year I participated in a great blog hop hosted by The Feather and the Rose, called Save-A-Word Saturday. It’s no longer running, but I loved finding odd words and writing mini-bits of story with them. I’ve seen a few people doing flash fiction for A to Z, and I love the idea. So, I’m going to try and unofficially revive this on Saturdays for the challenge!

My word this week is: essomenic, adj. – showing things as they will be in the future.

Jeannie gripped Claude’s hand, her nails biting into the backs of his palms.
“Calm down,” he whispered to her, his voice fiercer than he’d intended. She trembled beside him, and guiltily he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. He knew what she’d been through last time, and still he had begged her to take him here. So he had no right to find her terror annoying now.
But perhaps he was more affected by this place than he wanted to believe. He knew things hadn’t exactly gone well for Jeannie after her first visit here, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t try his luck, right? The place was essomenic, after all. How could he not have his own glimpse of what would be?
And it wasn’t like it was cursed or anything. Regardless of the what the stories said. What had happened to Jeannie had been unfortunate coincidence, nothing at all to do with seeing what she wasn’t designed to see. For him, it would surely be different. For Claude, seeing his future would change his life for the absolute better.
He was almost sure of it.
And, bonus word art! Happy Saturday, everyone, =) 


Photo from: http://www.jeanleblanc.com/The-dead-Word-Essomenic


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