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F is for Family

F is for Family!

How does your family handle the fact that you are a writer?

I don’t actually talk about writing much in my day-to-day life (primarily because as soon as I mention it, everyone’s first question is “had anything published?” which kind of drives me insane). But my family knows I write, since, well, they’re my family!

Mostly, I don’t think they really understand it, though. My dad thinks it’s neat, but keeps telling me to go and get something published (not as a joke, more like he really thinks that’s how it goes in traditional publishing). They don’t have a clue how complicated/difficult the whole business can be, and because of this, they also don’t understand small excitements, either. (Hence why you mention actually getting a story published, and everyone’s first response is, “how much are you getting paid?” 0_0).

My family is supportive, but I suspect this is largely because for me writing is something I do when I can, aside from my job. Of course I would love writing to someday be my job (or at least one of my jobs), but at this point that’s not going to work for myself, or for anyone else around me.

So what about you? Does your family know you write? Are they supportive? Do they understand the trials and triumphs of writing/publishing?


  • Sharon Himsl

    Hi. My husband is very supportive and really believes in what I do. He reads almost everything I write and doesn't let me get discouraged. The rest of family doesn't know what to do with me. I've only had one book published in the years I've worked at it. I'm sure they are thinking, so…"you do this for fun?" …Yes, I do actually…including the blogging, which they really don't understand. What they don't realize is there were jobs in between, family obligations, community involvement, housework, gardening, and on and on, all of which are and continue to be important. Now that I'm semi-retired (I work part-time), I'm sure they wonder what I do with my time. Occasionally though I have a conversation with one of my family and suddenly realize how proud they are of me. I also realize how my words of encouragement 'to them' really matter. They listen to me! It makes my day. I just wish there wasn't all this awkward silence in between. Goodness….guess I needn't to get this off my chest. Good post, Joyce!

  • S.K. Anthony

    Only a few members of my family know about my writing and they're sworn to secrecy! lol
    I guess they would be supportive but I'm shy and just don't want to be judged by them or questioned constantly. I'm too shy!

  • Diane Weidenbenner

    Don't get discouraged. Remember that you write because it's an outward expression of who you are! After 20 years in a variety of business writing positions, I now get to write more of what I want. Have patience – it will come. You are a writer – it doesn't matter if you get paid or have had anything published. It's part of who you are! Happy blogging A-Z! http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com

  • Mere Joyce

    Oh yes! I should have mentioned that my husband is super supportive of me as well! =D. I'm glad you've got support, even if they don't always "get" it…that's definitely how it is with me, too.

  • Mere Joyce

    Lol, I'm kind of the same way…sometimes I want people to know I write because I'm proud of it and love doing it, but other times I just don't want all the attention from prying family members, =P

  • Mere Joyce

    Thanks for the advice, Diane! I'm not discouraged (usually) by where I am in the writing world, but people can still get a bit annoying with their questions sometimes!

  • Deshipley

    Oh, yes. My family knows.

    /Everybody knows./ Sometimes, my writing is the only thing I have to say about me. Or, I mean, we could always talk Disney… But I digress.

    I couldn't do what I do without my parents, who mostly provide for me and largely leave me alone to try to hoist my career off the ground. My mom and I talk writing all the time, bouncing ideas off each other, sharing story-related gripes. (She completed a draft of her first novel just this past November, and is currently working on the second! She says I'm her inspiration. ^-^) My sisters… well, they definitely know. And they mock me mercilessly, as siblings will do. They're really not readers, alas and alack, so I've given up trying to push my books on them. But sometimes they'll allow my characters to talk at them, so I'm grateful for that much. 🙂 Meanwhile, extended family seems vaguely excited about my writing, while having no idea about what it all entails.

  • Rajlakshmi

    My family actually don't know that I blog and write stories… when I tell my husband that I want to leave my job and become writer… he gives me the Look of wonder 😛 but no matter what I do, I am pretty sure they would be supportive

  • awriterinspired

    Yes they know. They were actually the first to encourage me to be published (by any means necessary). I only just recently got on board with self-publishing, so I'm the only one holding myself back, as usual.

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