G is for Ghosts

G is for Ghosts!

So, I actually did my last year’s G A to Z post on Ghosts, and I’m doing another one this year!

I’ve mentioned briefly (and will mention again tomorrow =3) that I’ve had a short story accepted into an anthology called Hauntings. And, I’m excited to say I’ve actually had another short story accepted into a different anthology, although I can’t really talk about it yet. However, what I can say is that, turns out, both of these two stories have something to do with ghosts!

Okay, the first anthology isn’t much of a stretch, but the other anthology doesn’t automatically bring ghosts to mind. And the two stories themselves are quite different in subject and tone. In fact, I didn’t even realize they were both ghost-related until my husband pointed it out!

But it’s not terribly surprising. I’ve mentioned before that I love ghost stories, and I’m really excited to have my first published stories related to ghosts as well!

Do you like ghost stories? If so, what are your favourites? Personally, I love many of the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, which aren’t really “ghost” stories, but are certainly stories of people being haunted. My all-time favourite is “The Masque of the Red Death”. In a more classic sense, I think my favourite full-on ghost story is probably Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black. And I have to give childhood credit to the Are You Afraid of the Dark episode “The Tale of the Prom Queen”, which always stuck with me.

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  1. cleemckenzie says:
    I love ghost stories. Have you checked out Lexa Cain's posts on haunted places? If not, you should. I know you'd love reading about all her ghosts. Congrats on your ghostly publication.
  2. Sarah Chafin says:
    I enjoy some ghost stories. I watched a few on Netflix that I enjoyed but I can't remember the name. I like the spooky, thought provoking ones. My toddler thinks that a ghost lives in my tea kettle because it makes a "whistling " sound lol. Poor kid.
  3. susan says:
    Two Anthologies – impressive. I've written a story about a ghost though not sure what to do with her. I don't normally do ghosts – paranormal – I love the ghost on Bitten
  4. Rajlakshmi says:
    I totally love ghost stories 😀 give me the creeps but still love them 🙂
  5. MJ, massive congratulatons on the short story successes!

    You might enjoy my blog and book of 'new' Victorian ghost tales:

    BLOG: http://freakyfolktales.wordpress.com/

    BOOK: mybook.to/ghosts :

    Best wishes, Paul (FREAKY FOLK TALES)

  6. S.K. Anthony says:
    Ghost stories are cool! As long as they don't stop me from sleeping…o_0 lol
  7. seezooeyrun says:
    Have you read Henry James' Turn of the Screw? I love a good ghost story. Another one I read recently that was pretty cool was Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger.