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GUTGAA Agent Pitch Contest

Well the first round of the Agent Pitch Contest is over!  I didn’t make it through to the next round, but I did get a vote, and some other very positive comments, so I’m happy.  It was my first contest, so I met my goal, and had a lot of fun watching the twitter feed for a couple of days, =P

Deana Barnhart

How did everyone else do in the first round?  And how did everyone find the contest?  As I think is typical, there are always things you want to change, or little annoyances (like when someone comments on your post and their comments are so far off the mark you *really* want to explain to them why they are wrong!), but for the most part I think contests like these are so difficult to put together and take such a lot of effort to run that we can definitely all appreciate the hard work and dedication put in by Deana and all of the others!

Anyways, just wanted to congratulate my fellow GUTGAAers that made it through to round 2, and cheer on all of those who didn’t!  Wishing everyone success with their queries!

Is anyone entering the small press contest next?


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