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GUTGAA Small Press Pitch Contest

Happy October everyone!

Just a quick note to mention the beginning of GUTGAA’s Small Press Pitch Contest!  I didn’t enter this one, because I don’t know enough about the small presses.  But I wanted to wish good luck to everyone who did enter!

Deana Barnhart

Let me know if you made it into this contest!  I’m really interested to follow this one, and see how it is different (and similar) to the agent pitch!


  • Tamara

    I made it into this and I have one vote to move forward. Hopefully I get more. I think I need five, so that's a lot. but maybe i misunderstood the rules.

    I'm also in the final week of the Kiss/Kiss off contest. I'm asking everyone to vote, but I can't tell you which one I am. (I can tell you I'm on Team Kissy though) and hope you vote for mine. 🙂 The website is The poll is under the entries. 🙂 I'd really appreciate it if you could take a minute to shoot over!

  • Mere Joyce

    Yeah, it's hard sometimes when a bunch of contests come out and you don't have anything to enter…but it's certainly better to perfect an MS before entering it anything!

    Wow, congrats Tamara! I will definitely check the Kiss/Kiss off contest =)

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