H is for Hauntings – Hic Dragones

H is for Hauntings, and Hic Dragones!

Following my post yesterday, today I’m doing a super quick post to highlight the wonderful press that will be publishing the Hauntings anthology.

It’s Hic Dragones press, and here’s what they say about themselves: 

Hic Dragones is a creative writing and literature organization, based in Manchester UK and formed in 2010. Our ethos is intelligent, but a bit weird. We run training, education and development events in the UK, with a focus on monsters, horror, dark fiction and the strange. Hic Dragones also publishes dark fiction and markets a range of Murder Mystery Games.

Intelligent, but a bit weird. That’s what really drew me in! They’ve had a number of publications already, so definitely check them out!

Happy Wednesday, everyone, =) 

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  1. S.K. Anthony says:
    You had me at "weird" lol It's awesome that you are part of the anthology, I'll have to check them out 😉
  2. Weird AND intelligent?! Damn. Disqualified on two fronts.

    flip at HILL BLOCKS VIEW

  3. cleemckenzie says:
    This sounds like a perfect place for all those ghoulish, monster stories in the file cabinet. Must take a look.
  4. Mere Joyce says:
    Haha, we think alike, =P
  5. Mere Joyce says:
    Definitely…they've got a really interesting mix of stories!
  6. Mere Joyce says:
    Haha, I have a sneaking suspicion this isn't true!
  7. Lexa Cain says:
    What a coincidence — ALL my friends are intelligent and a bit weird!! lol
  8. sjp says:
    But a bit weird 😉 I tend to get that alot from people too haha