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Here’s to you, teens!

The other day we watched the documentary film Don’t You Forget About Me, which is about four filmmakers who set out to discover what happened to John Hughes after he more or less disappeared in the 90s. **Spoiler Alert** They don’t find out much…they never get to talk with him, and not too long after the film was made, John Hughes unfortunately died.

However, what the film did do was talk not only to some of the actors and adult fans of Mr. Hughes (we were particularly fond of Kevin Smith’s segments…that scene in Dogma is the BEST!) but it also talked to a bunch of modern teens about John Hughes films.

The John Hughes scene from Dogma
***Strong language warning***

And it was great. These teens, both male and female, talked all about how modern teen movies have no heart or passion or truth to them, while the Hughes films do. It was really cool to see these teens talk about how much these old films still hold true emotionally, even if the fashions and even some of the stereotypes are no longer valid.

Anyways, it made me have one of those moments of real appreciation for teenagers. Sometimes, they are a strange bunch, and even when I was a teen I had trouble identifying with a lot of them. But every so often you see these glimpses of that awesomeness of teenagers, and it’s great.

And then, today, I was introduced to a new concept being run by some American libraries (and possibly other places, I only really know of this from the Chicago library), called You Media. It’s a space for teens to hang out, and create. They have videos, writing, spotlights, mentors, and more. It’s all teen-focused, and teen created. I went over to the website today (you can check out the Chicago page by clicking the logo below), and I was thrilled to see some great videos and discussions had by these teens.

So, I’m happy for the teens right now, and wanted to share. I love when young people do good, crazy, and awesome things, and I, as a writer and as a librarian, love having the potential to guide and participate with that.


  • Tamara

    John Hughes movies were the best. I was JUST talking about Sixteen Candles yesterday. haha. I actually never saw Dogma! I'll have to check that one out.

    I think teens are awesome. Then again, I have teens and they are my favorite people in the world. 🙂

  • Tamara

    Wow. I just realized how strange that comment was (coming from a parent) and I felt the need to come back and comment on my comment. haha

    I have four kids–two older–two younger. The two older are now in their early twenties. They were NOT fun as teenagers. I got to be the parent who hates raising teens and just waits for the horror to end.

    But–funny, even then, when they weren't being awful (rare, but it happened) I really enjoyed being around them and their friends.

    And, this time around, I have the perfect teens. Karma is smiling on me and they are nothing but a joy to be around.

    BUT–good or bad–teens are always interesting. I think that's one of the things I love about them. They never bore me. haha

  • Mere Joyce

    Lol. Yes! Teens are really fascinating, and I think that's why I find them so interesting…they don't necessarily always make the best (or even the decent) choices, but they are in such a weird place in life–both developmentally and with school/work/figuring life out kind of way–that they sort of can't help but be intriguing!

    And yes, Dogma is a great movie…but it's about religion, so fair warning…there is also a lot of *very* crude humour, but there's tons of extremely smart humour underneath, =D

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