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I is for Inspiration

What inspires you? Inspiration can come from anything or anywhere, for any purpose. For me, I am inspired to write. This happens in many ways, some more significant than others. Here are a few random inspirations I’ve had in the past:

Photo From: thesisterproject.com
My job – I’m a librarian, so I am surrounded by books all day at work. I love it, and it’s definitely a source of inspiration. Day after day, seeing rows and rows of books. Looking at the covers, reading author names both familiar and completely foreign as they come up for holds. Reading reviews online and reading book jackets of the new arrivals. There is nothing to get you going like being surrounded by people who have achieved your goal, even if the people are only present through the pages of their novels.

Rainy days – Inspiration? Well, I love writing on rainy days. There is just something about the idea of curling up with a computer and some tea and listening to the rain outside. Especially if it’s a warm day even through the rain. I love visualizing scenes in the rain, and when it’s a rainy day, all I want to do is write. So, in that way, it inspires me!


Photo From: tvtropes.org

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace – Weird, eh? =P …This is a fun one. For some reason I don’t totally understand, every time I watch this show, I want to write! It must be Garth’s inspirational quotes. Quotes like:

 “As a horror writer I don’t ask for much. I just hope I’ve changed the way you think about life.”

“You know, as a writer, if you took away my paper, I would write on my heart. If you take away my ink, I’d write on the wind. [Pauses] It wouldn’t be an ideal way to work.”

Awesome, right?

So, what things inspire you? (Weird or otherwise?)


  • C. Lee McKenzie

    Well, interesting posts often inspire me, so thank you for one of those today. Then there are tulips or daffodils. They do a lot for my inspiration index. People laughing . . . really enjoying something. Sunshine or tiny raindrops clinging inside a cupped leaf. I'm so easily inspired that I could fill your comment zone.

    Have a great I day!

  • Karen Tamara

    Haha…"It wouldn't be the ideal way to work." Love that. I find I'm often inspired by music, lyrics to songs and things I read from writers I love. I find Stephen King very inspiring.

  • Deshipley

    I for inspiration! I for "Inspired"!
    (Ahem. Clearly still giddy about the news for my upcoming novel going public today.)
    Reading is a prolific source of inspiration for me — reading blogs, reading books, reading what I've written… Characters are inspiring, with all their stories that demand telling. And fantastic images or dramatic scenery has been known to get my cogs turning, too.
    And writing on the wind is just an inspiring thought in and of itself. ^^

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