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In Which I Have A Good Excuse For Not Writing

So, I titled this post before I started working on my current project again, and actually I have been doing quite well and getting tons of satisfying writing/editing/rewriting done lately!

But, at any rate, there was a good long while where my writing really lacked, and still right now my reading has been pathetic, too. Some of this is because of our move and all of the house work that’s come along with it. Some has been due to lack of motivation and/or inspiration, and some of it has been plain old sheer laziness. But, there’s been another reason, too…

My husband and me are having a baby, =)

This is going to be our first, and it’s super exciting, but it also kind of took my focus away from writing for a bit! Between sickness and exhaustion, and the fact that I’m trying not to spend too much time in front of the computer these days (and already have to spend all day at work there, and tend to be researching baby-stuff when I’m on it at home), my writing certainly took a back seat. Plus, I’ve been kind of preoccupied, =D

It’s all awesome, of course, and I don’t mind at all. Especially now that I’ve hit my stride again, have settled into routine, and am finding a nice balance between getting writing done and focusing on other things. Who knows what will happen in the heat of summer, though =3  We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!

Anyways, I just wanted to share my news with my blogger friends, and pre-apologize if I happen to blog less in the upcoming months…I’ve got a good excuse!


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