In Which My A to Z Post Becomes My Reality

It’s funny how things come around…

Last week I finished the A to Z challenge by talking about spelling differences in different countries (primarily the differences between US and UK spellings). I wanted to know what others prefer to read/write, and how it affects their reading/writing (if at all).

Fast forward a short time to yesterday, when I received my edit letter for one of my upcoming short stories. (First let me take a moment to revel in the fact that I got my very first edit letter!!) Anyways, one of the things the editor mentioned was that my spellings were a little inconsistent, and that I could choose US or UK spellings, but needed to be consistent throughout. Of course, the issue is that I wrote the story in Canadian English, which is a mix of both US and UK spellings…so I had to choose one (I went with UK), and make everything consistent throughout (even though there were a few words there that seemed wrong to me, since I’m used to the US spellings!)

So my own question became my reality…and A to Z proved to be definitely worthwhile for that discussion alone!


  • joss

    I personally prefer the UK spelling, but then I am British. The only word I really have a bug bear with from America is mom, mum and mummy just sound so much cuter to me the mom and mommy. I always used to say if I ever lived in America and my kid wrote mom I would go ballistic lol. I guess it's just the way it's sounds if you pronounce it how it is spelt and it really grits on me, but really I don't think it matters as long as you are happy with it, then do it the way that makes you happiest.

  • cleemckenzie

    My spelling is so arbitrary that without my auto correct computer, who knows what kind of spelling would be in my stories. Congrats on that letter. Take two minutes to revel!

  • S.K. Anthony

    Congratulations on the letter! I'm used to writing with US spellings but enjoy reading either one. And hey, your A to Z was worthwhile for that discussion and your whole theme in general. I enjoyed your posts! 😀

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