In which the weather is horrid, BUT I am inspired to write.

So, we had a couple of nice Spring-like days here. It was lovely. The weather was finally warming up a bit (it’s been a loooonnnggg winter), and some of the snow was finally starting to melt away.

And then Mother Nature laughed at us all, and threw us a day of windy, snowy, ugliness. All of the snow that melted yesterday is back, on top of our cars and covering our roads. It’s very mean of her. And I am not impressed.

Photo From: jenzart.blogspot.com

But, at least, I have been eager to get some work done on one of my WIPs, and this weather is making me long for the indoors, which is just what I need to get writing. So, I can count that as an upside to the nasty change in weather (okay, I can pretend there’s an upside, anyways!)
How’s the weather where you are?


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