Juggling Ideas

I’ve been really slacking on the writing front lately…I’ve been very heavily in watching mode (overloading on starting T.V. series!!) and I’ve been really enjoying my reading lately, too.
Which is all awesome, but it has meant that I’ve been greatly distracted from writing. I’m going to attempt to get back into the swing of things this weekend, and work on some editing that I’ve been putting off for quite a while. But I don’t actually have any new writing on the go right now, and while I have several projects in other stages, my brain has starting nagging me to develop a new idea.
I’m curious to see what my fellow writers have to say about this. Do you usually see one project through its entire course before starting a new one? Do you work on one or two simultaneously, developing them at different stages? Or do you work on many ideas all at once, juggling them in your mind?
My mind loves to obsess over a project, getting deep into the day-by-day of my characters’ lives and poking me with new ideas for scenes and chains of events. But I also skip around constantly, going from one world to the next, and often these ideas are totally different from one another in feel, which is great, but can be frustrating, too. I love having the wheels in motion, and the new concepts always willing to be created. But when my mind forces me to turn my thoughts to a new idea, sometimes the other ideas get put on hold for longer than I’d like, which can be really annoying!
So how about you? Does your mind always bug you to experience new stories, or does it prefer you to stay in one world for as long as possible?


  • Deshipley

    When I'm good and lost in one story, I'm usually content to stay lost. If that single story isn't pulling that strongly, however, my imagination's likely to run all over the place, bouncing from one idea to the next, searching for the best of many, hoping it will be the one to captivate me. It kinda goes in waves. The scramble for inspiration can be exciting, but I'm happier once I find a place to stay awhile.

  • T. Drecker

    I just went through an entire year of flip-flopping between stories. I had all these ideas and wrote a few chapters in each one, only to get a little distracted and start a new one. Honestly, I wondered what was wrong with me. But I think the problem was that they simply weren't the 'right' story. Over a month ago, an idea hit me and the outline poured out w/o problem, plus the rest of another one I had started suddenly 'matured'. So the last month or so, I've been writing 2 MSs, but both are flowing well and I'm totally happy with them (well, they will need tons of revisions.)
    So, I think the right inspiration just has to hit first. Until it does, keep working on the other ideas because practice never hurts and one might turn out to be right. (My theory 😉 )

  • Mere Joyce

    I think you're both right about certain stories pulling you in more completely. I always skip between things a certain amount, that's just how my mind works, but I have had stories that have taken me in much more completely than others.

    And then of course, sometimes it just takes a certain moment when things can click, making a hard project the perfect one!

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