K is for Kexy

K is for Kexy!

Inspired by the old Save-A-Word Saturday blog hop I used to do (hosted by the lovelies at The Feather and The Rose), I am picking it up with A to Z and saving some more old words.

Kexy adj. – dry, brittle, withered

She rifled through the kexy pages, her fingers powdered with dust from the book’s worn jacket. The words were barely legible anymore, and yet, she pored over the faded ink, desperate to find the one phrase hidden in the story, the single line of text that would forever change her world.
Short one today, but isn’t that a great word? Hope everyone is having a lovely spring Saturday. It’s finally nice and warm here, but apparently it’s supposed to snow again next week, so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!

4 Responses so far.

  1. cleemckenzie says:
    I'm feeling a bit kext today and I'm only half way through this challenge! Thanks for the new/old adjective.
  2. T. Drecker says:
    I like that word: nice, short and so much meaning. 🙂
  3. S.K. Anthony says:
    Loved learning this new word!
    I would have gone with Kexy=kinda sexy…for books. Dry, brittle, & withered makes for a very interesting kinda sexy book 😛