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L is for Locations

L is for Locations!

Are there any certain places that always seem to pop up in your writing, intentionally or not? For me, unsurprisingly (for those that aren’t regular followers, I am a librarian), I find that libraries appear quite regularly in my work.

I don’t do this on purpose, and libraries are never a key aspect of my stories. And yet, at some point, characters always seem to find themselves in some kind of library! Sometimes this is a big, dedicated library space, and other times it is a personal study, but still full of books and some place for someone to sit and read or research.

The reasons for this probably aren’t too deep. I like libraries, and I am familiar with them. They are useful, and they can be so utterly magical without any special kind of magic. They are places to rest, places to learn, and sometimes they can be places of danger, too. They can be similar or totally unique, and I love those possibilities.

So what about you? Any certain locations that you always find your stories veering to? Any particular reason why?


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