M is for Monday


It’s day M of A to Z, and it’s also Monday. So today, I’m giving love to this much-loathed day of the week.

Monday has a bad rap. Having a case of the Mondays means you’re feeling down and sluggish. Songs like “Monday, Monday” and “Manic Monday” are not exactly happy tunes. And I get it. For the Mon. to Fri. work week/school week, Monday is the end of a far too short weekend, and the start of five days of work/school. And there are certainly times where I have the case of the Mondays, too!

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But what about all the people that don’t work Monday to Friday? For a lot of people, Monday is mid-week, end of week, or even the weekend! And, have you ever been a part of a project that was really exciting, and you were excited for Monday to tackle it again? How about being in school, and having a Monday field trip? Or better yet, a huge crush you didn’t get to see on the weekend, but could finally adore again on Monday?

For my writer friends…while some agents, publishers, editors, etc. will respond on the weekends, many don’t. So when you’re obsessively refreshing your inbox, isn’t Monday great?

It’s a new week, and a new chance for opportunity. The mail comes again, the banks are open, and the world settles once more into weekday life, which has always been a favourite of mine. So here, on this Monday, I just want to appreciate this battered day of the week.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Karen Tamara says:
    Aaaawww! Love this post. YAY for Mondays!! On Sunday, everything in our town closes at like one in the afternoon. It's a little ridiculous–I'm used to living up North, where things still closed a little earlier, but not like this. At any rate, I'm always happy to see Monday roll around again. 😉
  2. my husband used to work all sorts of crazy hours with his old job and a lot of times Mondays were our Saturday. I have to remember that Monday is a new day and the beginning of a new week that could possibly change our lives.
  3. Deshipley says:
    Huzzah for standing up for the underdog days! ^-^
  4. I'm with you! Let's hear more support for Monday.