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My Life as a Horror Movie

Finished my rewrites, =D …this weekend, I am going to be doing a LOT of editing, working to get my manuscript ready for querying!

And in the meantime…have you ever felt like you were in a movie?  I have these feelings sometimes, and they are AWESOME.  Often they happen while I’m listening to music, and walking down a street or something.  It feels like a soundtrack is playing overhead, and it’s just…cool.  And I think it totally pertains to writing, at least some of the time.  What better way to understand how to write a cinematic scene that to have the feeling yourself?  And okay, not all stories involve cinematic scenes, but some do, and for that I believe having genuine movie-moments can be fantastic.

But sometimes, you feel like you’re in a specific type of movie.  Like a horror movie. (yikes!) 

I thought about writing this blog post with three instances in my life in mind, where I felt like I was in the middle of a horror movie.  And then yesterday, I got moment #4.  So I thought it was time to share.

This first spot goes more to an overall setting, rather than an actual horror movie moment.  We were staying at my husband’s (at the time boyfriend’s) grandmother’s house.  Now this house was set directly off a highway, in pretty much the middle of nowhere.  It was an old house, complete with a creepy basement full of really old children’s toys.  And it gets better.  My husband and I were put into a guest room…and in this guest room there was not only porcelain dolls AND an old photograph of some unsmiling, long-since deceased relative, it also had a creepy Jesus-on-the-cross figurine.  All of which I made my husband put in the closet before we went to sleep.  Oh, and it had a well.  Not kidding, it looked a little something like this.

My second horror movie moment came from a time when I was camping.  I was taking a  shower, in this single-shower stone building thing.  The room was completely closed off and lockable, but the shower itself was fully open, just a stream of water in the middle of this room.  I totally felt like a summer camp slasher victim while under there, surrounded by graffitied walls, and unable to hear anything outside of the room.

I think this was my favourite.  It was two summers ago, while I worked for a school board, going around to all the schools and barcoding textbooks.  I was working with one other girl.  We left one school to head to another, and I should have arrived about ten minutes after the other girl.  But when I arrived, I was the only one there.  I remember walking across the parking lot, looking for another car, and there was just…nothing.  It was so eerily quiet that I actually went back to my car and locked the door while I waited for her to arrive. 

    Then, we went inside, and the horrorness continued!  Let’s go through the list.

– The school was empty, but yet the door to the outside corridor was held wide open, like someone had recently been there. 

– We had specific room numbers for where we were supposed to go, and one of the rooms led us to an old, dark janitorial closet full of chemicals.

– We walked down a hallway, and about ten minutes later walked down the same hallway only to realize that…there was music coming from one of the classrooms.  Inside, we found an old radio, playing old music, which had not been playing when we walked passed it the first time.  My co-worked walked right into the room, and ripped the radio’s cord directly from the wall!

 – Finally, we were supposed to go upstairs to some of the classes.  We searched forever to find the stairs, and couldn’t.  It was a school…shouldn’t the stairs have been pretty easy to find?  At last, we found a really narrow staircase tucked inside a doorway.  There were no lights for the stairwell, and the stairs seemingly led to nowhere.  We decided the classrooms could go without their barcodes.  We weren’t venturing up there!

And lastly, yesterday morning.  It was a rainy day all day, which is great, because we need the rain here!  But that also means that it was dark and dreary when I went to work.  I was opening the library, which means I was there about half an hour before it opened.  So it’s dark and rainy, and I don’t turn on the lights when I get to the library because I don’t want people to think we’re open.  It’s kind of creepy, but whatever, it’s only for half an hour!    So I am going about my business, and the phone rings.  Normal enough occurrence…when we’re not open we leave it to go to voicemail, and take the message or call the patron back later.  So I wait for it to click over to voicemail.  And I here this.

Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.

It’s the sound a phone makes when someone has hung up on you.  So fine, I pick the receiver up, and hang up the phone so it will stop making that noise.  Put the receiver down, and…the phone rings again.  Same thing.  Machine clicks on, and…

Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.

Creepy.  I left it going for longer this time, to see if there was any sort of click-over to a person or message or something.  But it keeps going.  So I pick up the phone and hold it for a second, and then hang it up.

The phone rings again.

Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.

Ugh!  Finally after the third time the number stopped calling, but, like, seriously.  What a way to start a dark morning!

So those are my horror movie moments.  Do you have any?

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