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O is for Occupations

O is for Occupations!

Alright everyone, I’m not going to lie…I had a lot of trouble thinking up a subject for O! I’m not entirely sure why this is, it’s not an overly difficult letter, really, but it just wasn’t clicking for me.

So, I’m asking another question, because I love hearing how other writers and readers work through their own stories, and what they love/hate experiencing in other works! And today, I’m talking about occupations.

What kind of occupations do your characters tend to have? (Or if you write about teens/kids, what do you think they could end up doing/what do they strive to do?) I absolutely love stories in which the main characters have really unique interests…if I’ve never even heard of the occupation, lovely!

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of characters who like to write…obviously I understand this, and it’s likely something close to the author’s heart, but I’ve seen it too many times, I think. But with that said, there are certain interests (classical musicians, ghost hunters, librarians!) that I never really get tired of, so I suppose it’s mostly personal taste.

My own characters vary quite a bit. Some have unheard of professions, while others have distinctly “plain” jobs…different goals for different types of people. But I’d love to be inspired by some little heard of profession, and work that into a character’s story. I think the opportunities there could be amazing.

How about you? Ever read/written something about a really unusual occupation? Have ones that you always want to read about, or those that make you cringe?


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