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Q is for Quibbleism

Q is for Quibbleism!

Inspired by the old Save-A-Word Saturday blog hop I used to do (hosted by the lovelies at The Feather and The Rose), I am picking it up with A to Z and saving some more old words.

Quibbleism n. – The act of quibbling

“Now, seriously, both of you have to quit it.”
“He started it. I was merely trying to stop his stupidity from spreading any great distance.”
“Because you’re such an expert at great distances. Tell me, how many steps is it from the couch to the fridge?”
“Thirteen. Which I suspect is higher than you can count. Besides, distance is irrelevant…if you would just accept the fact that I’m right and you’re wrong, we could get on with our day and let out poor guest here get on with hers.”
“You are not right! The cat is six years old this very day, and we should be celebrating his birthday with some kind of sardine cake.”
“No, he’s not! He is five years old, and his birthday is tomorrow.”
“For the love of all things good in this world, you two! I have never seen such quibbleism in my life! If I had a medal to give you, I would. But please, for now, can we just forget the whole issue? Because the age of your cat has absolutely nothing to do with where we want to go out for lunch, and I was hungry an hour ago.”
Hope everyone has a happy Easter weekend!


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