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R is for Research

R is for Research!

I’ve talked about research here before, but today I’m interested in specifics…what has been your best or worst research topic for a writing project?

I’ve got a story in production right now that involves life in the 1950s. This is a decade I’ve always been a fan of, but I wanted to make sure I got things right for my timelines. I looked at things like fashions to make sure I had the correct type of clothing, and I read up on some local history of the time so I knew more about the exact events and dates that happened around my area.

But a lot of the research I did was popular culture focused, and this was the best part of all. It involved listening to a lot of music (which I totally didn’t mind), finding and reading a bestselling book from the time, watching an award winning film of the day, and even baking a decade-appropriate cake.

All in all, it was absolutely tons of fun, because it went beyond reading and learning about facts. It gave me experience, and it also gave me some great memories of my writing time. I definitely hope to have more research projects like this in the future!

So what about you? What has been your favourite (or least favourite!) writing research?


  • S.K. Anthony

    Oh my gosh…I want to experience YOUR 50's writing research, down to awesome fashion and especially the cake, YUM! My research seems pretty boring in comparison…thanks, Mere. Thanks…lol

  • Sarah Foster

    There's a lot of food and eating in my book, so a lot of times I'll have to do some research about cooking, like how to make pasta from scratch. There's also a scene where my characters make chocolate chip cookies, so I took notes while making a batch and when I ate one so that I could have the perfect descriptions.

  • Stephsco

    I researched the 1960s for a book which was fun and somewhat easy since I can still ask real people who lived through it. Some stuff I had to fact check that I'd never imagine, for example, did grocery stores have automatic doors. I found out they were invented about a year or two before my story took place and manufactured within miles of my setting. Who knew!

    Hope you are enjoying the A to Z challenge! Here’s my A to Z Post on Memorable Characters

  • Lexa Cain

    I always have to do a little research for what I'm writing, but just for a few details – I couldn't write a whole historical, and I'm so impressed with those who can!

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