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Reading and Writing in 2014

It’s 2014, and at the beginning of every year, I like to make a set of reading and writing goals for myself. I don’t think of these as resolutions, exactly, but more like themes for my upcoming year. I don’t always achieve the goal, but it helps me to see what my own desires are, what I am happy with and what I think I need to focus on.

Reading wise this year, I want to explore more YA authors that I have never heard of. I have my few go-to authors, but sometimes I struggle to find YA that I really enjoy. I love the concept of it, and I am always drawn to the stories…but it takes something extra to really make me a happy reader. So, I would like to explore a wider range of stories, in an effort to find a few more authors I can reasonably expect to enjoy!

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I also want to read more MG this year. I love MG, but for some reason I barely read any in 2013. This wasn’t intentional, but it happened nonetheless, so this year I am going to try and get back into reading some. I already have a list of titles I would like to read, so hopefully I will actually get around to it!

Last year I did not make a goal for how many titles I wanted to read, and I think I will continue that trend this year. I found it much less stressful to read without any goal, and I chose books more freely (I didn’t put down bigger books when I knew I had to get more titles on my list!) I ended up reading a similar amount, but without the pressure, the whole year was more enjoyable.

Writing wise, I think I am going to keep up what I’ve been doing! Trying to take my time more with projects, and to work on stories that interest me, regardless of whether I think they might take me anywhere. Sometimes, ideas go nowhere. But I love the possibility that they could turn into a great adventure, so I’m going to try and keep that in mind more with my writing this year!

What about you? Do you have any specific reading or writing (or other) goals this year?


  • joss

    I don't really have any reading goals, it's pretty much a case of just see what happens in that respect. With regards to writing, I just really need to get to it, other than my blog, I have been finding it really hard to get motivated of late. Hope you find some great new authors and have a happy year 🙂

  • Deshipley

    Your writing goal is a good one! I think I'll try to aim for the same. I don't want to get too deeply entrenched in the habit of feeling too busy to write for pleasure.

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