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Retreat, Anyone?

Last weekend, my husband and I got the awesome opportunity to visit a Scandinavian spa, thanks to a fabulous gift from my mom-in-law. It wasn’t intended to be in anyway related to writing, but seriously, with a setting like this, how could I not be inspired?

Unfortunately, there was no snow when we went. But it was beautiful, nonetheless.
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It was an amazing experience, and with the hot tubs, cool air, and smoky fire pits, I definitely found myself unexpectedly brainstorming story ideas. And I left feeling not only relaxed in body, but energized in creativity.

Everyone deserves moments like these, and I hope everyone can get them at least every now and then!

For my writer friends, do you have a certain setting that really gets your creative juices going? And for my writer and non-writer friends alike, have you had any unexpected moments of inspiration?

If only we could have these moments all the time!


  • Tamara

    Wow. Really beautiful!! I wish I could go there.

    The two places that seem to get my creative juices flowing are the shower haha…not as pretty as your retreat, but true. And, unfortunately–my bed when I'm falling asleep. I have some really great ideas just as I drift off to sleep, but I always forget half of them by morning. Very frustrating.

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