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S is for Songs

S is for Songs!

I’ve also talked about music before on the blog, but mostly about whether you listen to music while you write. For today, however, I’m shifting focus and asking if you’ve ever come across a song that just seems like it was written for your story, or one of your characters.

I have a story that’s been written, and that is, in my mind, part of a series. I have only written the first book, but I know what happens to all of the characters throughout. Honestly, I love this series. They are the absolute favourites of all my characters, and I am always happy to revisit them through the manuscript I have, or just in my mind.

After writing the first story, and planning through the rest of the series, I came across a song. I’d heard it before, but one day I was listening to it, and it suddenly caught me that it fit one of my characters well. Then I listened to it again, and paid more attention to the lyrics. I was amazed by just how well it fit her, drawing from her journey throughout the entire series, and preparing the character herself for the finale’s climax.

I won’t mention the song, since it wouldn’t make sense out of context anyways, but even when I’m not working on this particularly series, and that song comes up in my playlist, I always stop and listen and smile and think of her. And it’s awesome!

Have you ever experienced this?


  • S.K. Anthony

    Oh yes. I have my "songs" on repeat depending on the scene…some are just so perfect. Sigh. I want to stop commenting now and go take a listen & write (while ignoring all other duties lol).

  • Deshipley

    Ah, yes, it's exciting when that happens! Most recent case in point for me, I lately came across the musical "Love Never Dies" (sequel to "The Phantom of the Opera"), and one of the songs the Phantom sings reminds me so vividly of the muse main character in my novel, it drives me crazy! The good kind of crazy. The "replay this like 20 times in a row and just let the music stab you in the heart" kind of crazy. Any time a song sounds like it belongs to a character I love, that song will get plenty of my love by association. 🙂

  • cleemckenzie

    I've really kept my music separate from my writing until I did the collaborative writing at Writerly Sam's place, then music was an integral part of the piece I created. Actually, I found it very interesting, and I might do more writing to music.

  • Lexa Cain

    I never attach music to my writing — probably because music was my profession for quite a while and it says "work" to me, not enjoyment. But I know most people don't have this hang up. Anything that helps you write is great!

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