Sounds, or Silence?

Sounds, or Silence?

I can, and have, written in many different environments. At home, and away. Outside, and indoors. Surrounded by people, and all alone. In a very loud place, and a silent one. I usually don’t really plan it out ahead of time. When I write, I write…I can’t put off writing in order to move somewhere more acceptable!

My music choices vary when I write…sometimes I write playing a certain song for inspiration, but usually I either have no music playing, or I have random music playing which may or may not have anything to do with the tone of my story.

But lately, I’ve noticed that I have kind of been changing this, without even realizing it!

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I always wish I listened to more classical music. I really do enjoy it. And every so often I will put on classical music for a bit, but typically I forget to keep up the practice.

Until recently.

I have been working on and off on my current MS for months and months. But since I’ve really dedicated myself to it again this month, I’ve noticed that I always tend to put on classical music while I write.

And then I noticed that I’ve started listening to classical music at work, too!

For some reason, this music is working well with this story. They don’t exactly fit, but hearing classical music puts me in the right mood, which is a funny concept for me. I like it, but it’s kind of strange. I can’t even pinpoint one composer or style of music. I know “classical” is a horribly broad term, but I can’t explain it any other way.

How about you? Do you have to listen to a certain kind of music when you write? Do you have any music at all?

And for fun, here’s my favourite piece right now. It’s not the entire thing, but I absolutely love this!

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  1. T. Drecker says:
    Alas, I'm a no music girl, in that sense. I think it's probably because there's usually so much noise around here anyway that another layer on top just doesn't do it 🙂
  2. I write any where- any sound. I have gotten good at blocking thing out.
  3. randi lee says:
    Hello from a new follow 🙂 I LOVE writing to classical music! It's my go to when I'm feeling less than creative 🙂
  4. Meesh says:
    All kinds of music, all genres inspire me some way.
  5. Mere Joyce says:
    I find this such an interesting topic…everyone is so different! For me, it depends…sometimes having music is a lot of fun, but other times, getting the words out is more important than having mood music!