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Sticky Things

There are always those moments in time, where something makes an impression on you so deeply that it stays imbedded in your mind always.  I’m not talking about the big things, the major life events or earth-shattering revelations.  What I’m talking about are the little things which seemingly have no significance, but which for some reason click with you, and stick.  I love these sticky things.  They are so random, and they are both completely unimportant and absolutely vital at the same time.  They add to our being, by giving us some forever connection to an experience that easily could have been lost in space and time.  You don’t realize they are happening when they do, but afterwards, whenever you come across a certain place, smell, word, sound, etc., you will always be drawn right back to that particular moment in time.

So yay for sticky things.

Not sure what I mean?  I’ll show you some examples of this from my life.  These sticky things happen all over the place, but I’ll *stick* (…sorry) with examples from t.v./film.   

I can’t eat chocolate mousse without thinking of this…

If you don’t know, this is the scene from Rosemary’s Baby in which
 Rosemary eats some drugged chocolate mousse…which leads to her being raped by the devil…

I hated this movie the first time I saw it.  I wanted to shake Rosemary and slap her a few times, too.  But then I had the urge to re-watch it…I do that with movies sometimes…I had the urge to re-watch, and eventually I did, and…I liked it.  I love horror movies, but I am a slasher girl at heart, and don’t like religious horror.  So to say I liked this movie?  It was weird.  But now it is probably one of my favourite horror movies.  And I cannot eat chocolate mousse without instantly being reminded of this scene!

2. This one’s fairly recent, but I think that from now on and always, I will never be able to hear the word ‘cavort’ without thinking of this…

The clip goes a little further than the cavorting, but you get the idea!

The Muppets have some utterly fantastic lines.  So why did this one stick out to me so much?  No idea.  This episode is not one of my favourites, and while I love Fozzie, he isn’t my favourite muppet, either.  And yet…this line.  This line!  I actually try to find ways to use the term ‘cavort’ now…

3. I can’t hear/look at the name Barbara without thinking about this…

Original classic scene from Night of the Living Dead

Which of course instantly leads to me thinking about this…

Brilliant play on the line from Shaun of the Dead

Which always makes for a couple moments of happiness.  The thing of it is, though, I’m not really a fan of Night of the Living Dead.  I always fall asleep when we watch it(!!).  And yet, this one line appears in my mind without fail whenever I see that name.  It is a popular quote, but even so…ask most people to say the first thing that comes to mind when they hear that name, they won’t quote the movie.  But I will!

4. And for my final example – I can’t look at garlic and a tomato without always remembering this…

You knew Alan Rickman had to make this list somewhere, right?  Brilliant scene from Closet Land.

Okay, so these are only a few samples, pulled from the outermost edges of my brain.  It’s actually a very tricky thing to find examples of since the moments tend to sink back into yourself until you see the object/smell the scent/go to the place that reminds you of it.  So I know there are definitely many others, too.  But what makes these moments, anyways?  I’ve noticed that many of mine come from movies, and more specifically, horror movies.  Why?  It’s not that the moments scared me, so what makes them stick?  And they are not necessary my favourite moments in the movies/shows/whatever…they just happen to get into my mind and stay implanted there further than some of the more enjoyable moments from the same pieces.  Why?

I have no idea, beyond one simple guess.  Something in the way the moment occurs, some emotion or quirk connects with you.  And I think that’s awesome.  It speaks to you in some strange way, and it makes a lasting impression.  How cool is that?  As a writer, I feel like an absolutely fantastic achievement would be to have someone have an attachment like this to something I’ve written.  I don’t write to be ground-breaking.  I don’t write to be honoured for centuries and centuries and studied in university English courses.  I write because I like to tell stories.  And for me, if something, even something little, were to stick with a person so much so that whenever they saw/heard _____ they instantly remembered a scene or a line from my story, it would be bliss.

Even though I would likely never even know about it.



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