Sudden Secrets by C. Lee McKenzie

Today I’m happy to share with you the cover and blurb for C. Lee McKenzie’s newest book, Sudden Secrets. The book is available now, so check it out!

About the Book:
One Secret 
Cleo has struggled to heal after her baby sister’s death, but the flashbacks to the accident won’t go away. With the move, she vows to keep her tragedy a secret and avoid pitying looks. 
One Mystery
Something’s strange about the abandoned house across the street—flashes of light late at night and small flickers of movement that only someone looking for them would see.
Everyone says the house is deserted, but Cleo is sure it isn’t, and she’s sure whoever is inside is watching her. 
Another Secret 
In one night, Belleza’s life changes forever. So famous, her only choice is to hide her secret from the world so she can silence small town bigotry.
Then Cleo happens.
About the Author:

C. Lee McKenzie is a native Californian who grew up in a lot of different places; then landed in the Santa Cruz Mountains where she lives with her family and miscellaneous pets—usually strays that find her rather than the other way around. She writes most of the time, gardens and hikes and does yoga a lot, and then travels whenever she can. She takes on modern issues that today’s teens face in their daily lives.

Website: http://cleemckenziebooks.com 
Blog: http://writegame.blogspot.com 
Twitter: @cleemckenzie


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