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T is for Time

T is for Time!

How much time do you spend writing, per day/week/month?

I write in spurts. Sometimes I will write everyday, and then other times (sadly) I don’t do much writing for weeks at a time. Various factors play into this, but usually it comes down to lack of inspiration/motivation.

When I do write, which I definitely need to do more often, I tend to write for probably 30 minutes to an hour at a time. But when I do actually get around to writing, I am fast, so I can get a lot accomplished, even if I don’t have much physical time to work with.

I always dream of taking a day and doing absolutely nothing but writing for the whole of it. I don’t quite think my dog will ever let that happen, though!

How about you? How much/how often do you get to write?

And just for fun, here’s the wonderful song “Time in a Bottle”. The original version by Jim Croce is fantastic, and I highly recommend listening to it. But for now, I give you the Muppets version, which is how I became acquainted with it.


  • Lexa Cain

    I'm kinda pitiful in both. I only write a few days a week, and although I can write for hours, I'm lucky if I end up with 500 words. Truth is, writing is like pulling teeth, and I don't enjoy it very much…but I keep at it anyway. 😉

  • Lady Jai

    my time for writing is very limited. I can't write at home because I have two boys (one grown, one not) and 3 cats all vying for my attention. I am a caregiver and I work full-time, so all the housework and such is left to me when I get home from work. Weekends are relax time or errand time. I wish I had more time….

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
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  • cleemckenzie

    Usually, I slip in an hour here or a minute there. When I have an uninterrupted few hours, I feel the excitement of connecting with my story and really treasure that time,

  • Jemima Pett

    I generally write something every day, even if it's 'only' a blog post. These days much of my time is spent on the publishing/promotion side of being an author. I have to schedule writing as much as I do other aspects of the book process. Fortunately, once I have that time slot set, I have little trouble getting words out – whether they make sense is something else 🙂
    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April

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