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It’s been busy around here.  I am entering into my final week of work (yikes!) before I am finished my contract, and am thus unemployed =(  I have some prospects, so it is not dreadfully dire, but it has been fairly stressful, and I’ve been picking up extra shifts to bump up that final pay!  And thus, I’ve had less time to get my brain working on other stuff, such as writing blog posts (boo).  I am hoping to pick it up again, soon.  And after this next week, I’ll have a least a little time off, so I will definitely focus on the blog then!

In other news, I’ve finished polishing my YA fantasy/sort of fairy-tale retelling, and I’ve begun querying again!  So here’s hoping for more success this time around!

Deana Barnhart

Also, week one of GUTGAA has completed. I didn’t enter into the pitch polish, but I want to congratulate everyone who entered and got through!  I am looking forward to more upcoming GUTGAA events soon, =)

Other than that, I’m excited about the changing season.  I am not a big summer person.  I like it reasonably enough, but I am always excited for the fall’s approach.  And being that it is already nearly mid-September, the season of holidays is fast approaching.  Thanksgiving (here in Canada) is right around the corner!

Photo from: The Weather Channel
I hope everyone else is enjoying their September


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