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So, I’m on vacation this week! Which is pretty exciting, because it’s my first ever paid vacation. I intended to be more active on the blog front this week, but I’ve been surprisingly busy!

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I’ve been writing, editing, reading, watching, baking, book shopping, and other general errand merriment. No trips or big events, but it’s so nice to just have a little free time to hang around the house and get some personal things done!

Right now, in fact, I’m baking a cake. Which, believe it or not, is research for one of my stories! (Sometimes research is tedious, but other times…)

Hope everyone is having a good week, and enjoying the last real days of summer before September hits and Autumn more or less begins. I am always happy for the season change, and I am so looking forward to Fall because of all the warm drinks, cozy days curled up, the crisp, cool air, and the beginning of the holiday season (particularly here where Thanksgiving is mid-October)!

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