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W is for Welmish

W is for Welmish!

Inspired by the old Save-A-Word Saturday blog hop I used to do (hosted by the lovelies at The Feather and The Rose), I am picking it up with A to Z and saving some more old words.

Welmish adj. – Of a pale or sickly colour

She could tell something was wrong with him before any noticeable change came over his character. Not that her intuition mattered. Those changes did come, quickly and fiercely, until even strangers could tell something was amiss. His temperament became agitated, his complexion welmish. Soon he could hardly be considered the same man at all.
But no matter what she did, no matter how desperately she begged for him to let her in and divulge what was torturing him so, he would not confess to her his secret.
So she became determined to find it out for herself, instead.
Short, but has a lot of different possibilities, which I like.
Have a good Saturday, everyone!


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