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W is for Writers

We’ve almost hit the end of A-Z, can you believe it? It’s been exhausting but fun blogging every day, and today I’m giving my love to all those writers out there in Bloggerspace!
To those writers out there, I have some hopes for you.
I hope you are inspired to write something, so you can feel the happiness of those gears clicking into action.
I hope you have to struggle to get through a single paragraph of action, so you can know the frustrations of pulling thoughts from your mind.
I hope you have a whirlwind storm of easy writing, so you can feel the flutter of words as they tumble gracefully from your imagination.
I hope you spend long, tedious moments on a single sentence, so you can understand the painstaking itch of wanting to write but being stuck.
I hope you write a character that you know so well they are like your brother or sister, your very best friend, and truly a part of yourself.
I hope you write a character that surprises you, a character that you need to spend a long time getting to know, and that always remains somewhat of a mystery.
I hope at some point reading your own words makes you laugh or makes you cry, all because the story is a good one, and you enjoy reading it as much as you enjoyed writing it.
I hope at some point reading your own words makes you question each sentence, so you can  be humble and honest and true about your story.
I hope you read something published and know, know, that you are a better writer.
I hope you read something published (or not), and know that what you are reading is magnificent and of a quality you hope to one day reach.
I hope you smile while you write, basking in the pure joy of writing and knowing that what you are doing is exactly what you are meant to do.
I hope you sigh, scream, rage, cry, fall down on the floor in despair (and possibly all of the above) while you write, so you can understand the torment of the craft.
I hope you dream about your characters because it is a lot of fun.
I hope you always know that you are special, and that you always know you are never alone.
And, of course, I hope you all get published or get your stories out in the way you need to.
Happy writing everyone!


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