What’s Up Wednesday

Hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, this is a great way for writers to get together and keep in touch!

So what have I been up to?


I started My True Love Gave to Me last week, and have been really enjoying my daily reading. Reading has definitely been slow going for me lately, so having a firm read-by date (Christmas) and having easy goals (1 story a day) has given me reason to take the time each day to read, which has been wonderful.

So far I’m enjoying the book, although I have to admit to one irritation…pretty much every story so far has had a family in which one parent is either dead or has abandoned the family. Obviously this is okay to have in some stories, but I don’t think its necessary for every single one! Hopefully the remainder of the book will be better for this. Other than that, it’s been a cute, sweet read so far.


I have been writing a lot for a new story. I had an original plan to finish the first draft by the end of the year (it’s only novella length), but now I think my goal for this week will actually be to finish the first draft by Christmas. I’m having tons of fun writing it, and it will be nice to hopefully complete it before the bulk of festivities commence!


What’s working for me right now is using YouTube as a research tool! The internet is so useful for simple research, and I find that sometimes watching videos can be a fantastic way to see technique/tools/creativity in action by real people doing whatever it is you’re researching how to do.


We’re going to visit my parents today to celebrate both my mom and my sister-in-law’s birthdays, and tomorrow we’ll be attending my four-year-old nephew’s first Christmas concert at school! It should be lots of fun.

That’s been my week. What have you been up to?

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  1. Jess Gofton says:
    Best of luck with your writing goal, you can do it! 😀 I haven't started My True Love Gave to Me yet, so I'm glad to hear it's a good read.

    Have fun at the Christmas concert – I hope your nephew breaks a leg! (Not literally).

  2. Fifi Islaih says:
    YouTube definitely does help with writing research, thanks for sharing!
  3. Jaime Morrow says:
    I find YouTube super helpful when I'm knitting and stumped as to how to do something. There's just something about being able to actually see how something is done that's really useful! I've used it for writing research before too. Good luck finishing up your novella before Christmas! You can do it! It helps when you're totally enjoying it. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Mere! 😀
  4. As soon as I get on youtube, I go crazy, clicking link after link and wasting my whole day. I'm glad it works for you…maybe if I set a timer, I could use it too. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!
  5. Kelly Allan says:
    Awesome that you are ahead of schedule with your new story! Keep it up!
  6. Sarah Foster says:
    That's great that you're getting so much writing done and getting ahead of schedule! I've used YouTube as a research tool, as well. Mostly because my book involved doing math problems and I did not remember how to do them…
  7. Miss Cole says:
    Good luck getting your draft done and have a lovely time with your family ^_^
  8. smile4niki says:
    Have a wonderful holiday and congrats on all the writing you've done!
  9. Erin L. Funk says:
    I use Youtube as a research tool a lot too. Sometimes it helps with describing actions if you can actually see and hear them happening. Boy, what did writers do before the internet?

    It's great to hear that you're having so much fun writing your WIP. I hope you can squeeze in lots of writing time before Christmas arrives! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  10. Spending time with family is the best!! Merry Christmas.