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What’s Up Wednesday

Hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, this is a great way for writers to get together and keep in touch!

So what have I been up to?


I put Psycho aside…there’s nothing wrong with the book, but it kind of reads like a less, um…lovely(?) version of the film. The plot is essentially the same, but the character of Norman is not nearly so interesting as the movie’s version. For me, this is one of those rare cases where I think the movie is definitely better than the book! But, with that said, I’ll pick it up again sometime, see if it suits me better then.

To replace Psycho, I picked up Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children again. I started this a long time ago, but wasn’t enthralled with it like a lot of people are. I’m continuing on, however, and it’s getting more interesting now, so I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy it more as the story progresses!

Also still listening to It, but I’m taking my time with that one, so I’ll probably be listening to it for quite a while.


I got one short story submission ready last week, which was good. Now I can focus more attention on the other one, which is still in first edits stage.

And for longer works…my novella, which I then lengthened into a short novel, I’m now adding more to again! I didn’t want to add any more because I think the story has enough of a main plot/sub plot structure that I didn’t want to create an entirely new storyline just to add words. But then I realized that I was looking at things the wrong way. I only need to add about 10k to make the novel a more proper length, and I can do that by adding some great scenes to the already existing plot lines. Yay for epiphanies! I’m over halfway to my addition goal, and then I’ll work on editing the additions on their own a couple of times before I fit them into the story and go over the entire work again to make sure everything flows.


See above for my most recent epiphany! Sometimes realizations come slowly, over time and with a considerable amount of mental effort. But occasionally, things just happen all at once. You snap into an idea, and suddenly you can’t figure out why it took so long for you to see things that way.

It’s good to have the slow realizations. Helps our thinking processes develop, and gives us some time to brainstorm and problem-solve. But sometimes it’s nice to have an epiphany as well =)


Our little guy will be six months old tomorrow! We have a doctor’s appointment today for his latest shots, so we’ll probably be taking it easy for the afternoon/evening. Then on Saturday we’re meeting with a potential daycare provider for when I return to work in September. It’s still six months away, but with how quickly the last months have gone, I’m sure this spring and summer are going to fly by.
That’s been my week. What have you been up to?


  • Jess Gofton

    Hooray for epiphanies! Glad to hear your writing's going well. 🙂 I've had Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children on my TBR for a while now – I really should get around to reading it!

    Aw, Happy Half-Birthday to your little boy for tomorrow! 😉 Have a great week!

  • Jaime Morrow

    That's awesome about the epiphany! I love when that kind of thing happens. Hope it all goes smoothly, along with the revisions after you add this new stuff. 🙂

    Have a great week, Mere!

  • Erin L. Funk

    I love it when epiphanies hit! There are few things more motivating! Sounds like you've got things figured out now, so I hope it all flows from here! I'm with you on MISS PEREGRINE. I was excited about it when I picked it up, but ended up skimming much of it. Happy 6 month "birthday" to your little guy! 🙂

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