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What’s Up Wednesday

Hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, this is a great way for writers to get together and keep in touch!

So what have I been up to?


I finally finished I Know What You Did Last Summer, although by the end my enjoyment of it had fizzled…the updating *really* bothered me, and the ending seemed pretty lackluster after all the build-up. But oh well! I’ve started Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, and so far I am quite enjoying it, although I’m purposefully taking it slow to savour it, so I’ll reading this one for a while.

I also started reading Wicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill, which is a novel in verse about the Salem Witch Trials. I’d been curious about this title for a while, but after last week’s What’s Up Wednesday, when one of our fellow bloggers Jess Gofton mentioned visiting the site of the Pendle Witch Trials, I began reading a bit about the trials both in the UK and the US. And so I decided to try out this book. I’m growing strangely fond of novels in verse, actually…I can’t stand books that go on longer than necessary, so I think the idea of boiling a story down to its absolute essentials, and presenting those essentials in nice, poetic language, appeals to me. I’m about halfway through Wicked Girls right now, and liking it quite a bit!

While shopping for some birthday presents on the weekend, my husband also convinced me to pick up a book called I Work at a Public Library by Gina Sheridan, and we spent the afternoon reading the chapters aloud to each other. Definitely a fun read, and one that I can certainly relate to! But it was also amusing for my husband who is not in my same line of work, so it’s great for anyone who’s interested in the wacky goings on at the library.


Nothing much new here! I’m still on my current track, and hope to have 45k written by Friday. It’s fun right now because I’m getting into the climax of one of the central plots, =)


I’ve been in more of a reading mood than a writing one lately, but that in itself has been somewhat inspiring. Like most people, I go through periods where I want to read, periods where I just want to write, and periods where I don’t really want to do much of either (although I detest these periods, and keep them as short as possible!). I haven’t been in much of a reading mood for a while now, so it’s lovely to have the constant urge to keep reading a story again. And since reading always makes me long to write my own words, it balances itself out pretty well. I’ve been setting myself daily goals for both activities, and while I don’t scold myself too hard if I don’t follow them exactly, it’s been quite useful to have an idea of what I want to accomplish each day, so that I make sure to actually set aside the time to accomplish it.


On Sunday my husband and me went to the drive-in. It was his first ever drive-in movie, so it was an exciting trip! He liked the casual, almost camp-like atmosphere of the place, and we brought our dog, who loved walking around before the show and watching all the people sitting outside while the movie played.

That’s been my week. What have you been up to?


  • Sarah Foster

    Reading usually makes me want to write, too. A lot of times I'll be reading something and then realize I've been on the same page for ten minutes because I keep zoning out thinking about my own stories!

  • T. Drecker

    Yay to drive-ins! I'd so like to take my kids to one just so they could suck in the experience. And that book about working at the library sounds like it was a lot of fun. I'll have to ask our librarians if they've had a chance to look through it. They'd probably get a kick out of it.

  • PlanetKimberly

    This happens to me, too! I'm glad I'm not alone. I also reread sentences over and over because I like the way they are written or I want to "relive" the moment over again. It's crazy, I know. It's amazing I ever get through a book.

  • PlanetKimberly

    I used to love drive-ins until a couple got murdered at one near my home town. Now they creep me out.

    I wanted to read that book about the public library. My cousin is a librarian and I have a friend who works at the biggest library in the city. I bet you all have some great stories to tell. Some of the people I've seen at the library are questionable. My friend was/is being stalked by one of the patrons. She had to get the police involved. Creepy, creepy!

    Good luck with your writing!

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