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What’s Up Wednesday

Hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, this is a great way for writers to get together and keep in touch!

So what have I been up to?


I’m quite enjoying To Kill A Mockingbird. I suppose it’s no surprise that this classic is good, =)  I do have to say, however, that if I had been assigned this in school, I probably wouldn’t be liking it. This is the type of book that, for me, had to be approached on my own.


I finished reading through my WIP, so now I’m letting it sit for a bit. In the meantime, I’m working on some short stories. I’m also contemplating revisiting an old work of mine, but I haven’t decided for sure. It would be a big undertaking, so I have to think about it a bit before I delve back in.

My goal for this week is to finish the short story I’m working on right now.

Sometimes breaking from a novel-length project to work on shorter pieces can be really refreshing for the writing process. Different characters, settings, writing styles, even genres or age categories can be a nice change of pace. I don’t like to stop writing just because I’ve reached a pause in one project, so writing short stories definitely works to keep me going while letting me rest from more intense writing or editing sessions!


It’s been a fairly quiet, cold week here. So mainly we’ve been staying indoors, reading, playing, writing, and watching movies. Even managed to bake some cookies the other day, which is always fun!

That’s been my week. What have you been up to?


  • Jess Gofton

    I still haven't read To Kill A Mockingbird. One day I'll cross it off my TBR, it's just never piqued my interest enough as of yet.

    I agree, sometimes going from longer work to short stories, or vice versa, is just what you need.

    Have a great week!

  • Miss Cole

    I read To Kill a Mockingbird in school and really enjoyed it. I remember being really disappointed in the film version though. I preferred how I imagined Boo Radley's house 😛

  • Margo Berendsen

    To Kill A Mockingbird is in my top ten all time favorite list. But I was forced to read it for school, too, and I didn't actually fall in love with it until years later when I read it again on my own. I like your short story approach for in between writing.

  • Jaime Morrow

    I 100% agree with you on TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD–it's the kind of book that I needed to choose on my own. I love that the issues in the book are presented from the POV of a child. To me, that's what makes it so good. Best of luck finishing up your short story this week! 😀

  • wendybarron.com

    I read To Kill A Mockingbird in school, and it was fine, but I haven't gone back to it since. I haven't gone back to anything I read in school, I don't think, except Shakespeare's plays. And I don't read those, I watch them.

    I love short stories, both reading them and writing them. They are definitely a palate-cleanser from writing novel-length stuff, aren't they? Same skills needed, but a very specific subset of those skills.

  • Erin L. Funk

    Writing short stories sounds like a great way to keep up your writing practice in between major projects. I haven't written any in a long time, but maybe I'll have to start again. Sounds like you're managing the cold weather nicely! Have a great week and good luck deciding whether or not to dive back into that old WIP. 🙂

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